National Youth Council of India

भारत की राष्ट्रीय युवा परिषद



National Youth Council of India (NYCI) is a Youth Lead Organization Founded in the year 2013 and acted as Youth Development Consortium with the theme of “Empowering Young People to become Agent of Change of their Development”. National Youth Council of India is India’s Largest Youth Movement which known for an Extravaganza Event “Chennai International Youth Festival” an annual event which involves 20 Million Youths across India. NYCI is a Guinness Record and Government Award-winning Organization for Creating Mass impact several social Causes to the society. NYCI believes that young people are at the heart of solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. That’s why we’re dedicated to strengthening systems in communities to achieve sustainable outcomes in health, education, and political and economic empowerment. By helping young people pursue their aspirations, we empower them to contribute to, and benefit from, the creation of more peaceful and prosperous communities. Currently, NYCI has awarded more than 20,000 young talents excel in different streams like Sports, Science, Cultural and etc. NYCI currently has 2800 Chapters and 120 Institutional chapter across India. NYCI take the pride of organizing Special Olympics International Football Championship with the participation of 20 different countries. NYCI aims to bring a solution and tackle all the existing issues that hinder the growth and development of Indian youngsters.NYCI is a platform to build and develop the Youth through leadership activities, Education, Social works and initiatives, Cultural programs, supports and opportunities that foster their assets, build healthy community connections, and strengthen their skills and competencies and create the leaders and change-makers of the future. Currently, NYCI is leading the wave of change and youth empowerment in India and is doing everything in its power to bring a significant impact on the youth and make the dream of India becoming a superpower a reality.To contribute to the achievement of Vision of the Council by promoting mutual collaboration among young people, and working in partnership with state and non- state actors in order to empower the young people of the India


Empowered and engaged young people, working for a better India where all young people are inspired and equipped to realize the
future they want.


Connects young people with opportunities to transform their lives. Empowering and engaging young people in sustainable development, democracy and the values of the India.

Our Values

Inclusion - Integrity - Inspiration - Innovation - Impact 

Engagement & Empowerment. We commit to engaging and empowering young people in decision-making and governance.

Responsive. We consult, engage, and work with youth on issues that matter to them, from idea to implementation.

Equity. We embed equity in all of our policies, practices, processes, and interactions.

Reconciliation. Our commitment to reconciliation with young people is reflected in our operations, granting, and investment portfolios.

Accountability. We are accountable to our grantees, our Foundation, and the larger communities of which we are a member.