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DIAL 100 Awareness Program

Mission “DIAL 100 Awareness Program in 100 Rural Villages”

The National Youth Council of India from Telangana has started our first ground-level initiative “DIAL 100 Awareness campaigns in 100 Rural Villages”

The main objective of this initiative is to spread awareness among the people regarding the significance and importance of “Dial 100” which was started by Telangana Police. In most of the rural areas the women and the uneducated people are least aware of dialing to Police and the people who are aware of it step back thinking that it might be a problem, though they come up with many Crimes / Criminals & Illegal activities around them.

There are crimes that have been neglected out of fear of higher authorities. Now it’s time and our responsibility to let people know that there is no harm in reporting a crime.

We the NYCIans of Telangana have took up the job of spreading awareness among the people about the importance of “DIAL 100”. It’s the Police who serve the justice.

At present the campaigns have started in 3 Districts Adilabad, Siddipet & Nirmal and our further plan is to explore the same awareness DIAL - 100 Campaigns across all villages in Telangana State.

Naresh Kumar Kadari
Telangana State President - NYCI