National Youth Council of India

भारत की राष्ट्रीय युवा परिषद

Goals and Objectives


  1. To bring together nationwide spread youth and organizations and movements to foster cooperation, dialogue, network and collaboration for youth empowerment and development.
  2. To act as an umbrella organization representing different youth organizations working in India.
  3. To advocate, lobby and facilitate mainstreaming of youth issues in the National Agenda.
  4. To organize capacity building programs, training and workshops to strengthen the network and its member organizations.
  5. To serve as a consulting and advisory body to the government agencies and relevant stakeholders regarding youth issues nationwide.
  6. To organize various youth based programs having national and international significance.
  7. To represent Indian youth in international policy/decision making bodies, associations, conferences and various forums.
  8. To build network and alliance with international youth organizations and networks in order to foster youth development.

To empower youth to participate and contribute to the socio-economic development of the nation

a. To provide opportunities for sustainable livelihoods and decent work for all young men and women;

b. To assist youth in attaining the knowledge, skills and experiences required to enable them to effectively participate in national development and society as a whole;

c. To promote the rights and freedoms of all youths paying special attention to empowering previously marginalized sections such as young women and girls, youth with disabilities, youth living with HIV, out of school youth and youth living in rural areas;

d. To involve youth at the planning, decision making, implementation and evaluation levels of all youth development programmes;

e. To promote gender equality and equity among the youth, in particular, in education and training, socio-cultural, political, economic and legal spheres

To develop a coordinated response and participation by all
stakeholders in the development and empowerment of the

a.To ensure adequate resources are directed towards youth development programmes and promote financial accountability and sustainability;

b. To facilitate access to resources for development projects and activities by youth and youth development organisations;

c. To make available reliable and up-to-date information on the youth development situation in the country in order to inform policy making and programme design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation at all levels and in all sectors; and institutions of government, NGOs and the private sector;

d. To systematically integrate youth issues into all policies, plans, programmes and strategies at all levels and within all sectors and institutions of government, NGOs and the private sector;

e. To build the capacity of youth development organisations and any other departments or institutions involved with youth affairs to effectively design, implement, manage and monitor youth development programmes and services;

f. To enhance and develop professional skills, standards, competencies and behaviours amongst youth workers;

g. To strengthen mechanisms for collaboration and cooperation amongst relevant government, non-government and community stakeholders;

h. To promote the harmonization of other policies, research, programmes and strategies oriented toward young men and women.

To instill in youth a clear sense of national identity and
respect for national principles and values.

a. To promote an awareness and understanding of the historical and cultural heritage of India;

b. To promote an awareness of the content of the Constitution of India amongst young men and women, along with a knowledge of their rights and responsibilities;

c. To advocate for the creation, in youth, of a sense of belonging, patriotism and responsible citizenship;

d. To encourage young women and men to promote national unity by upholding the principles of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, solidarity and tolerance;

e. To design and implement programmes and services which promote opportunities for voluntarism amongst young men and women whilst promoting the development of practical leadership and life skills;

f. To promote the participation of youth in culture, sport and recreation activities.

To promote the health of young people and develop youth
oriented healthcare.

a. To address the specific health problems faced by young people which inhibit their capacity to participate in society;

b. To contribute to the reduction in the spread of STIs and HIV among the youth and mitigate their impact on the individual and society;

c. To reduce alcohol and substance abuse, and pornography among the youth;

d. To reduce the incidence of teenage and unwanted pregnancies, and the sequel of unsafe abortion;

e. To promote environmental education and active participation in environmental conservation among the youth.