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National Youth Council of India (NYCI) is a Youth Lead Organization Founded in the year 2013 and acted as Youth Development Consortium with the theme of “Empowering Young People to become Agent of Change of their Development”. National Youth Council of India is India’s Largest Youth Movement which known for an Extravaganza Event “Chennai International Youth Festival” an annual event which involves 20 Million Youths across India. NYCI is a Guinness Record and Government Award-winning Organization for Creating Mass impact several social Causes to the society. NYCI believes that young people are at the heart of solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. That’s why we’re dedicated to strengthening systems in communities to achieve sustainable outcomes in health, education, and political and economic empowerment. By helping young people pursue their aspirations, we empower them to contribute to, and benefit from, the creation of more peaceful and prosperous communities. Currently, NYCI has awarded more than 20,000 young talents excel in different streams like Sports, Science, Cultural and etc. NYCI currently has 2800 Chapters and 120 Institutional chapter across India. NYCI take the pride of organizing Special Olympics International Football Championship with the participation of 20 different countries. NYCI aims to bring a solution and tackle all the existing issues that hinder the growth and development of Indian youngsters. NYCI is a platform to build and develop the Youth through leadership activities, Education, Social works and initiatives, Cultural programs, supports and opportunities that foster their assets, build healthy community connections, and strengthen their skills and competencies and create the leaders and change-makers of the future. Currently, NYCI is leading the wave of change and youth empowerment in India and is doing everything in its power to bring a significant impact on the youth and make the dream of India becoming a superpower a reality. To contribute to the achievement of Vision of the Council by promoting mutual collaboration among young people, and working in partnership with state and non- state actors in order to empower the young people of the India


Empowered and engaged young people, working for a better India


Empowering and engaging young people in sustainable development, democracy and the values of the India.


Guiding Principles

The National Youth Council of India is based on a series of essential principles and values which have influenced its design and direction. These principles and values lay the foundation on which the goals, objectives and strategies of the Policy have been formulated. The following are the key principles on which the National Youth Policy has been formulated


Enhancement of Peace and National Unity:

Promotion of peace, national unity and support for the family unit


Equity and Diversity

Recognition of the heterogeneity and diversity of the youth and the need to address their development needs through equitable policies, programmes and allocation of resources


Cultural and spiritual diversity

Recognition of cultural and spiritual diversity as a basis for youth development and the important role tradition, spirituality and culture can play in the development of young men and women;


Gender equity and equality

Recognizing the special needs of both young men and young women in order to achieve a gender just society is a fundamental prerequisite for youth development and hence advancing gender equality and equity constitutes the cornerstone for the Youth Policy;


Youth Empowerment for sustainable livelihoods

Promotion of a conducive environment that supports the continued life-long development of young men and women and their skills and capacities;


Youth participation

Promotion of young people’s participation in national development, democratic and civic decision making processes



Youth development services and programmes should be youth-driven and youth-centred


Youth service

Youth should be given opportunity to serve their communities whilst developing their own skills; this is essential to developing patriotism and a sense of civic duty


Mainstreaming youth issues

Whilst recognising the need for youthdriven and youth-centred development programmes and services, the needs, opportunities and challenges facing young women and men are the concerns of the whole society. Youth development should be recognized as an important mandate for all government agencies, nongovernment organisations and development institutions;


Prioritizing youth issues

Government should give the overall wellbeing of youth the highest priority;


Sustainable development

The value of sustainability is promoted to ensure the needs of the present are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs;


Transparency and accessibility

Institutions and organisations involved in youth development should operate in a transparent and accountable manner, whilst ensuring that they are accessible to youth.