National Youth Council of India

भारत की राष्ट्रीय युवा परिषद

Young people are Heart of Solutions​

We believe that young people are at the heart of solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. That’s why we’re dedicated to strengthening systems in communities to achieve sustainable outcomes in health, education, and political and economic empowerment. By helping young people pursue their aspirations, we empower them to contribute to, and benefit from, the creation of more peaceful and prosperous communities.​

Our Main Targets
A youthful nation like ours must leave an impact in the entire world
Shri Narendra Modi , Hon'ble Prime Minister of India

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower

Currently NYCI working with 36 States and UT's with 18 Units and 6 Wings in 732 districts and 250,000 Gram Panchayat in India representing 400 Million youths.


28 States and 8 UT's​




Gram Panchayat

Main Objectives

To bring together nationwide spread youth and Youth organizations and movements to foster cooperation, dialogue, network and collaboration for youth empowerment and development.

Employment & Skill. Development.

Health and Healthy.
Lifestyle Sports.

Promotion of Social Values.
Community Engagement.

Participation in Politics & Governance.
Youth Engagement.

The Largest Youth Led Movement in the World

National Youth Council of India is the only Youth Led Movement which has 99% Positions filled by Youth's, with 47% Reservation for Womens Leaders.

Because you deserve to be the Change !!!

Are you a young person who is leading change!

Sustainable Development Goals

National Youth Council of India (NYCI) Has The Theme Sustainable Development Goals Postulated By United Nations, To Be Developed And Practiced Among The Youth.To Give Better Understanding To The Society And Make The Quality Of Life Better.


Our Initiatives

Our Event Supporters & Partners

Nagarjun Karnatakam
Nagarjun Karnatakam
National Youth Council of India
Waiting for the Young Hands of India
If you have an intention of social service, Are you waiting for a chance to explore your services
Just register and be as our #NYCI Volunteer, get Certification and more

With Regards
Shiva Gurjar Dagra
Shiva Gurjar Dagra
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National Youth Council of India
National Youth Council of India
#Covid19IndiaHelp Team @NYCI4Rajasthan District wise Contact details and team leader name. Please call for any help. #NYCI4care #NYCI4help Amar Prasad Reddy DatchanaMoorthy Ramu

We are thankful to KV Kota 92 Science Batch for donating Oxygen Concentrator to @NYCI4Rajasthan. @RathaurMeena handed over it on behalf of the group.NYCI Jaipur team will give this to needy Covid patient with 10k security which will be refundable. NYCI4India photo

Blood Donation Camp by NYCI Banswara, Rajasthan team. 38 unit Blood has been donated. #COVIDEmergency #NYCI4Help #NYCI4Care @NYCI4Rajasthan NYCI4India photo

#MothersDay2021 @RajuDevunoori @NYCI4India గత 5 ఐదు సంవత్సరాలుగా జై భారత్ యూత్ అసోసియేషన్ వారి ఆధ్వర్యంలో అంతర్జాతీయ మహిళా దినోత్సవాన్ని పునస్కరించుకొని నిరుపేద అయినటువంటి వృద్ధా ,వితంతువు ,వికలాంగ మహిళలకు ప్రతి సంత్సరం చీరాల పంపిణీ NYCI4India photo

#Covid19IndiaHelp  Team Punjab @Nyci4S District wise Contact details and team leader name. Please call for any help. #NYCI4care #NYCI4help @iamdatchana NYCI4India photo

Contact for the any assistance related covid-19 . use hashtag
#nyci4care #nyci4help hereinafter enumerated the names and contact district wise State (KERALA)

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Nanhe Kisan
NYCI Essay Competition
NYCI SDG Ambassador
DIAL 100 Awareness Program
Connect for Green Earth Summit
Chitthiya Initiative
NYCIKerala Lets Empower the LGBTQ+