Youth Migration


The National Youth Council of India recognizes that youth migration is a complex phenomenon which affects youth in many ways.

Strategies for Youth Migration

a. Provide information to young people on and opportunities for safe and regular migration;

b. Promote safe migration and sensitize youth on the benefits of safe migration and the risk of irregular migration such as human trafficking;

c. Promote the return of migrant youth to enjoy their full rights in the country and take measures to attract Diaspora participation in national affairs and investment of remittances in the country;

d. Promote an environment for decent work for all especially young people;

e. Take measures to promote and protect the rights of migrant workers including right to equal treatment, equality of opportunity and non – discrimination;

f. Negotiate bilateral agreements with sending and destination countries spelling out shared responsibilities and obligations with regards to migration;

g. Promote, implement and sensitize youth of the Protocol on the Free Movement of Persons in the SADC;

h. Identify potential benefits of and promote circular migration, cross fertilization of skills and technology exchange;

i. Take measures to minimize the loss of critical skills (brain drain) especially in health and education and to maximize the benefits of migration to youth;

j. Formulate and implement migration policies and strategies that are gender-sensitive, and conducive to the interests of youth including youth with disabilities;

k. Adopt and enforce international standards on migrations