Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology


The National Youth Council of India recognizes the centrality of Information and communication technology to the full development of youth in India.

Strategies for information and Communication Technology

a. Develop and strengthen the use of all vehicles of communication and notably modern Information and Communication Technology in all areas notably in rural areas and poor urban areas for youth;

b. Promote all language dialects taking cognizance of the languages of young people with disability in policy documents and the dissemination of information to youth;

c. Develop and capacitate the use of information and communication technology among the youth;

d. Promote ICT education and skills development among youths;

e. Create an economic and social environment that promotes innovation in the area of ICT;

f. Foster an environment that mobilizes youth creative potential to use and develop technological innovations;

g. Modify education and social systems to meet the new challenges of the ICT age;

h. Promote universal access to telecommunication, information and communication technology;

i. Support youth, and their organizations and institutions to continuously use and update ICT, and adapt it to suit their local conditions;

j. Stimulate youth entrepreneurship in ICT and foster technology-based startup business;

k. Promote State, Private Sector and NGO partnerships and interaction to develop and promote ICT among youth;

l. Providing adequate financial and technical support to marginalized youth to access ICT;

m. Integrate information, education, and communication strategies into all relevant youth programmes and issues.