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The National Youth Council of India affirms that education and skills development are lifelong processes that are relevant to the holistic and integrated development of youth.

Strategies for Education and Skills Development

  1. Periodically review and revise the education and training curricula to place increased emphasis on practical/vocational training to prepare and empower the youth for their roles in society and contributions to both formal and informal sectors;
  2. Expand educational and skills development facilities and equipment to ensure equitable distribution in rural and urban areas in order to accommodate the ever-increasing number and changing needs of young people;
  3. Expand family life and health education programmes;
  4. Capacitate and increase career guidance and counseling services;
  5. Strengthen civic education programmes for the youth;
  6. Promote industrial exposure to students;
  7. Expand youth skills training centers paying special attention to entrepreneurship skills development, relevant farming and industrial incubation, and attachment options in every district along with information technology centers;
  8. Provide educational and skills development system instructions in appropriate languages including vernacular and sign languages;
  9. Increase access and full utilization of available education and skills training facilities for the benefit of the community and other youth development activities;
  10. Strengthen family and community based support programmes for all;
  11. Identify and establish adequate and valid linkages between education and skills development, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, culture, sport and recreation activities;
  12. Encourage participatory partnership between the educators, students and the community;
  13. Take appropriate measures to support disadvantaged youth at all levels of education and skills development through social protection, loans, grants, cadetship, scholarships and other appropriate measures;
  14. Disseminate widely information on available financial support schemes in education and skills development.